About US

Purelux focuses on luxury water-related products for the kitchen and bathroom. Our products suit every taste and budget, are designed to look great and perform to excellent standards. We are friendly experts for all your faucet and shower needs. 

Our goal is to provide our customers with a luxurious and comforting experience. Our products are unique and of contemporary design. This sets us aside from the competition.

We stand by our brand, and strive for excellent quality and longevity. Every product is tested to federal standards to insure compliance, but we take it a step further. All products are consigned to abuse and long endurance testing. We want to make sure every product goes beyond your expectation, and gives a phenomenal performance that will last.

Finally, we sincerely invite you to follow us on social media to share your comments. We look forward to seeing how our products improve your home and your life.

Enjoy life with Purelux.

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